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    Nov 25
    Frontier Law Center Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Bitmain, Alleges Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Mining

    On November 19, 2018, Frontier Law Center filed a class action lawsuit against Bitmain Inc. and parent company Bitmain Technologies, Ltd...

    May 16
    What is a PAGA Claim?

    Employees may, under The Private Attorney General Act (“PAGA”), bring a private right of action against employers to collect penalties on the state’s Labor...

    May 16
    “On Call” Breaks Violate the California Labor Code

    Does your employer require you to be “on call” during rest periods? These policies may now violate the California Labor Code and Wage Orders...

    May 16
    What Constitutes Wrongful Termination in California?

    Were you terminated by your employer? In California, absent a “contract, express or implied, limiting the employer’s right to discharge the employee...

    May 16
    What Are Waiting Time Penalties?

    If you quit your job, were fired, or laid off, your employer has a specific period of time under California Law to give you your final paycheck for all wages owed to you...

    May 16
    A Reexamination of Independent Contractor vs. Employee Status in 2018

    Have you been working as an independent contractor but would like the protections of an employee (e.g. minimum wage, rest periods, etc.)? On 4/30/2018..

    May 16
    What is an Illegal Rounding Policy?

    Does your employer have a policy of rounding your work hours? Such policies may be illegal if it results in a lower pay over time...

    May 16
    California’s New Paid Sick Leave Policies

    Under the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act of 2014, if you are working in the State of California for 30 days or more in a year, your employer..

    Mar 16
    Employee Breaks Must be “Duty-Free”

    As an employee, you are entitled under the law to “duty-free” meal periods. However, the California Supreme Court iBrinker Restaurant Corp v. Superior Court

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