Have you paid out of pocket to repair your car?
If so, you may be entitled to a refund.

Many people are misinformed about the length of their warranty. It’s possible that some repairs could be covered for up to 150,000 miles. As a result, thousands of consumers end up paying for vehicle repairs which should have been done free of charge. This is true even if the vehicle was purchased used.

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The most common out of pocket repairs are:

Engine Repairs

Transmission Repairs

Problems relating to the Check Engine Light

Failed SMOG or SMOG related repairs

If you have paid for vehicle repairs out of pocket, let us review your repair records and determine if the repair should have been done under warranty. The consultation is free.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In general, the manufacturer is legally bound by their warranty for the vehicle, but other warranties required by the state of California are often overlooked and not upheld. This is especially true for smog and emissions related equipment.

Free – If you paid out of pocket for repairs that are covered by warranty, the vehicle manufacturer is required to pay your attorney fees and costs.

Each case is unique and depends on many factors. However, we will do whatever it takes to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

Yes, if you purchased a certified used vehicle from a dealership and the items are still covered within the warranty mileage or year timeframe. Even if you did not purchase a certified used vehicle, we still may be able to help.

Starting the Warranty Law process is easy – you don’t even need to come to our office. Just send us your repair records and we will take it from there.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney

Our firm and partners has helped hundreds of thousands of car buyers who unknowingly paid for repairs covered by your warranty, we know how to identify fraud and what makes a successful lemon law claim in California.


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