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    Oct 19
    Proposition 22 To Change Gig Economy In California

    If you are a gig worker in California, you have probably heard of Assembly Bill 5. Passed into law in early 2020, AB5 reclassified many independent...

    Aug 26
    Q & A: California Employment Law and the Rights of Salespeople

    Compared to many states, California is home to decent labor laws—especially for most hourly workers...

    Jul 09
    Does Working From Home Affect A Salesperson’s Compensation?

    Your outside sales position may look completely different when compared to a few months ago. If your traveling role has undergone a drastic shift...

    Jul 09
    When Do You Qualify For Overtime At A Car Dealership?

    Earning overtime can really help out when the car dealership is light on business. You may have trouble hitting your monthly targets when the lot is dry...

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