A Modern Approach to Law

At Frontier Law Center we work to revolutionize classic methodologies. We uphold the traditional values of a conventional law firm while finding new ways to innovate and improve. Law firms historically lack the necessary renovation that should characterize contemporary trades. At Frontier however, we augment the established approach to law with modern technology and cutting-edge case management software. In doing so, we have managed to both increase litigation efficiency and strengthen client relations.


While we pride ourselves in developing a progressive, modern law practice, our litigation tactics and strategies find their roots in firmly established law. Through in-depth research and innovative strategies, we are able to develop a highly effective approach to our cases to help ensure success for our clients. We understand that the law is constantly evolving, and our firm is committed to maintaining a level of knowledge correspondent with its progression. We are able to stay ahead of the curve by merging experience with innovation.


At Frontier, we have developed a paperless, cloud-based infrastructure for our practice. In doing so, we are able to maintain an exceptional level of organization.

We leverage Salesforce, a world-class case management software, to optimize our litigation efficiency and provide our attorneys with unparalleled case perspective. By utilizing Docusign to facilitate digital signatures, we are able to bypass historically time-consuming aspects of the practice. We rely on secure, cloud-based file storage, allowing us immediate access to important documents at the click of a button. The use of these technologies makes our firm extremely efficient, giving us more time to focus on the important details of a client’s case. In a world where many firms are buried in paper, our technological infrastructure sets us apart.


Our main area of practice is Employment Law – Individual Cases, Class Action Litigation, and PAGA (Private Attorneys General Act). However, we also take on Consumer Litigation cases, Personal Injury cases, and cases involving numerous other areas of the law. We aren’t afraid to take on complex and challenging litigation in order to ensure justice for our clients.

Although our approach may be derived from conventional law practices, we know that innovation is key.

Have a Legal Question or Concern? Get in Touch! 

Have a Legal Question or Concern? Get in Touch!