Minimum Wage Violations

Minimum Wage Violation Law: Protecting Your Earnings

Frontier Law Center stands as a vigilant protector of workers' rights in Los Angeles, particularly when it comes to upholding the law on minimum wage standards. Our legal team is dedicated to advocating for employees who have been paid less than the minimum wage, ensuring that justice is served and fair compensation is delivered

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Minimum wage laws set the lowest hourly rate that employers can legally pay their employees. These laws are designed to provide a baseline standard of living for workers and are enforced at both federal and state levels.

Your Rights Under Minimum Wage Laws

In Los Angeles and throughout California, employees are guaranteed a minimum wage that is often higher than the federal rate. Employers who fail to pay the appropriate minimum wage are violating the law and can be held accountable. Workers affected by such violations are entitled to recover the difference between what they were paid and what they should have been paid under the law.

Identifying Minimum Wage Violations

Our attorneys are skilled in identifying and addressing various forms of minimum wage violations, including:

  • Paying less than the state-mandated minimum wage,
  • Failing to raise wages in accordance with scheduled minimum wage increases,
  • Incorrectly classifying workers as independent contractors to avoid minimum wage requirements,
  • Deducting work-related expenses from wages, resulting in pay below the minimum wage.

The Importance of Legal Representation

Pursuing a claim for minimum wage violations requires a comprehensive understanding of the law and meticulous preparation. Our attorneys are equipped to:

  • Conduct a detailed assessment of your wage-related concerns,
  • Calculate the total amount owed to you, including back pay and potential damages,
  • Gather evidence, including time records and pay stubs, to substantiate your claim,
  • Engage with employers and their legal teams to negotiate a fair settlement,
  • File a claim with the appropriate labor authorities or initiate legal action in court.

Choose Frontier Law Center for Your Minimum Wage Claim

  • We have extensive experience with wage and hour disputes, including minimum wage cases.
  • Our firm has a proven track record of recovering unpaid wages for our clients.
  • We are committed to providing personalized attention to each case we take on.
  • Our representation is offered on a contingency fee basis, with no upfront costs to you.

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You Need an Experienced California Unpaid Wage Attorney

Recovering unpaid wages in California often requires complex legal procedures. Our attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of wage and hour cases. We know how to calculate exactly what you are owed and how to build the strongest case possible. With an unpaid wage lawyer on your side, you can feel confident you will get the best possible result.

An attorney can also protect you from retaliation. It is illegal for employers to punish employees for asserting their wage and hour rights, but it still happens. Our lawyers will stand up for you if your employer tries to intimidate you in any way.

What Damages Can I Recover from My Employer?

With the help of an unpaid wage attorney, you can potentially recover:
·        Unpaid minimum wages
·        Unpaid overtime compensation
·        Meal and rest break premiums
·        Expense reimbursements
·        Waiting time penalties
·        Attorney’s fees and costs In some cases, you may also be awarded liquidated damages, which are equal to your lost wages as compensation for losses that are hard to quantify.

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