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    Jul 06
    What you need to know before signing an Arbitration Agreement

    Has your employer asked you to sign an Arbitration Agreement? Many companies are presenting new and current employees with arbitration agreements due to recent law interpretations. These agreements can be complicated and confusing – before you agree to sign them it is important to understand how they impact your rights. We’ve outlined below what you […]

    Nov 03
    Do You Qualify For A Religious Vaccine Exemption?

    Do You Qualify For A Religious Exemption From Your Employer’s Vaccine Mandate? In an era where the COVID-19 vaccine has become politicized, many employers are simply brushing off their employees’ requests to be exempted from their vaccine mandates that all employees receive a vaccine as nothing more than a bad-faith effort to avoid getting vaccinated. […]

    Oct 19
    Proposition 22 To Change Gig Economy In California

    If you are a gig worker in California, you have probably heard of Assembly Bill 5. Passed into law in early 2020, AB5 reclassified many independent...

    Aug 26
    Q & A: California Employment Law and the Rights of Salespeople

    Compared to many states, California is home to decent labor laws—especially for most hourly workers...

    Jul 09
    When Do You Qualify For Overtime At A Car Dealership?

    Earning overtime can really help out when the car dealership is light on business. You may have trouble hitting your monthly targets when the lot is dry...

    Nov 25
    Frontier Law Center Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Bitmain, Alleges Unauthorized Cryptocurrency Mining

    On November 19, 2018, Frontier Law Center filed a class action lawsuit against Bitmain Inc. and parent company Bitmain Technologies, Ltd...

    May 16
    What is a PAGA Claim?

    Employees may, under The Private Attorney General Act (“PAGA”), bring a private right of action against employers to collect penalties on the state’s Labor...

    May 16
    “On Call” Breaks Violate the California Labor Code

    Does your employer require you to be “on call” during rest periods? These policies may now violate the California Labor Code and Wage Orders...

    May 16
    What Constitutes Wrongful Termination in California?

    Were you terminated by your employer? In California, absent a “contract, express or implied, limiting the employer’s right to discharge the employee...

    May 16
    What Are Waiting Time Penalties?

    If you quit your job, were fired, or laid off, your employer has a specific period of time under California Law to give you your final paycheck for all wages owed to you...

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